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See list of open training courses below as well as training locations RINASHAM MULTI-SERVICES LTD RC 1007971 (A LEARNING, TRAINING, CONSULTANCY AND DEVELOPMENT COMPANY) Tel: 08024516632, 08097543135 Email:, abah_s@yahoo, List of open training courses 2018 Training locations: Abuja, Port Harcourt, Kaduna, Owerri, Akure The fees for our management training are inclusive of VAT, and will cover course materials, breakfast and lunch. Make payment to RINASHAM MULTI-SERVICES LTD, FIRST BANK PLC, SORT CODE 011212926, and ACCOUNT NUMBER 2020124780 Note: this training schedule will hold as publicized if there are participants. Send nominations seven days before each program to enable us prepare for you in time. We also arrange customized trainings to be delivered in your office on request. We would be pleased to have the opportunity to work with you. At your service always Sincerely, For: RINASHAM MULTI-SERVICES LTD Simon Abah Executive Team Leader (RI…

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RINASHAM MULTI-SERVICES LTD RC 1007971 (A LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT COMPANY) Training venue: The Retreat Home, 13 Okrika Avenue, Behind Genesis Hotel, Rumuogba Port Harcourt Rhema Nigeria, Central Business District, Behind US Embassy, Adjacent Cool FM, Abuja April 4, 2018 Dear Sir, OBJECT: INVITATION FOR A TRAINING WORKSHOP ON MANAGING CORPORATE REPUTATION, EXECUTIVE PRESENCE AND STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP TOOLS You are cordially invited to attend a training workshop with the details hereunder given. Managing corporate reputation, executive presence and strategic leadership tools This course shows you that technical and managerial skill is not enough to succeed at the highest levels. As leaders move ahead in their careers and face greater complexity and challenge, they must assert influence, galvanize people to take action, and execute a strategy by getting work done through others. Course Information The course will enable participants to know the Three-dimen…

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Gender equality: How possible in Nigeria?

Gender equality: How possible in Nigeria? 18 February 2018   |
Sir: The culture in Nigeria heavily discriminates against women. Our attitude to the female gender is borne out largely of ignorance and lower state of evolution. The more evolved a society become, the higher the understanding, refined the cultural practices and enhanced its sense of equality. Those countries that treat her women folk with respect and dignity, who practice gender equality have advanced and will continue to do so.  This kind of attitude of discrimination is nothing short of “machismo-an exaggerated sense of masculinity or unwarranted accentuation of male ego.” Unfortunately, menfolks have found it most expedient to suppress the role and potential of women folk even in religious cycles. According to Professor Dele Owolawi “The only means of redressing this grossly skewed situation is for man to seek the light of reason and wisdom which only comes through genuine spiritual understanding. To go mundane in my analo…